Morrinsville Timeline

Year Month Event
1873 Land purchase – Mr Thomas Morrin purchased Kuranui No2
1873 Hotel – Opening of the Jolly Cripple Hotel in Studholme Street
1874 March Land – Kuranui No 1 transferred to Mr Thomas Morrin
1876 Apr-01 Post Office – Opened in the Jolly Cripple Hotel
1877 Jan-09 Piako County Council -Holds first meeting in Jolly Cripple Hotel
1877 School – The first school opens in Studholme Street
1878 PO – Name changed from Waitoa to Mville
1881 Presbyterian Church – First church service held in Mville
1881c PO – Mail carried by Carter’s Coaches 3 times per week
1883 October PO -Money order and Savings Bank office opened
1884 October Railway station -The Opening in Canada Street
1890 PO – Morse telegraphist system introduced
1894 PO – Telephone office opened
1895 May-31 Anglican Church – Dedication of the first church and opening.
1895 Feb-14 Anglican Church – Laying the foundation stone for the first church
1897 P.O. Telegram delivery system by messenger established
1903 Methodist Church – Built crn Thames and Canada Street
1908 Jan-08 Town District of Morrinsville was officially gazetted
1908 Court Magistrates – First held in Mville in Phoenix Hall
1909 Methodist Church was enlarged
1909 Post Office – Building and opening of new Post Office
1910 Jan-19 Baptist Church formed after a meeting
1911 May-09 Morrinsville Star first published
1911 Courthouse – Built in Moorhouse Street
1912 Mar-12 Empire Theatre – Opened for silent films
1912 Presbyterian Church – Church built
1912 Feb-09 Anglican Church parish hall – Built and opened.
1913 Catholic Church – Built in Thames Street west
1915 Aug-19 Horticultural Society – Meeting to form was held
1918 Town Board – Purchased 59 acres from Mr Marshall for the “Rec”
1918 Aug-14 A& P Society – Meeting held to form Society
1918 Presbyterian Church – First minister was inducted
1919 Mar-11 National Bank – Opening in Studholme Street
1919 May Rugby Mville sub-union – Founded from Hamilton sub – union
1919 Mar-12 A& P Society – First show held in Mannion’s paddock Thames St
1920 Rugby – Mangateparu club became a Morrinsville affiliate
1921 2-May Special meeting to install the first Mayor and Councillors.
1921 Morrinsville Fire Brigade formed
1922 May-16 Borough water supply – Officially turn on the water supply.
1922 Mar-20 T.V E.P.- First day electric power available in Mville from Board.
1922 Oct-12 Dairy Company Morrinsville first manufactured butter
1922 Dairy Company Morrinsville was incorporated.
1922 Courthouse -new larger one built.
1922 Police Station-Old Courthouse shifted on to site
1923 Orphans Club formed.
1924 June Catholic Church – Moved up to Victoria Ave. & Thames St crn.
1925 September National Bank – Opened 221 Thames Street
1926 Dairy Company New Zealand – Built a factory
1927 Mar-05 Empire Theatre – Changed its name to the Strand Theatre
1927 Catholic Church – Parish established
1928 Catholic Church – Presbytery was built
1928 School – Dental Clinic established
1930 School – St Joseph Convent school opened
1931 RSA meeting held to form the Association.
1934 20-Oct Constable Heeps – Fatally shot.
1934 Oct-25 Council Chambers – Opening of the Council Chambers Canada St
1935 Mr Osborne re-elected as Mayor of Morrinsville.
1937 November Physical Culture Hall – Hall was opened.
1938 Mr W. Hetherington elected as Mayor of Morrinsville
1938 Methodist Church purchased adjoining land
1939 March Veterinary Club was established.
1940 Methodist Church – Moved church to adjoining land
1944 Home Guard – Disbandment of Mville Battalion
1944 Home Serviceman’s Ass. – The formation of this Ass.
1946 RSA leased club rooms in Thames Street
1947 Jun-10 Commercial Bank of Australia – Opened in Studholme St
1948 Dramatic Society was formed.
1949 November Town & Country Club formed
1950 December Commercial Bank of Australia – Opened Thames St
1950 Town & Country Club – Purchased from Howie Est. house and land
1950 School -Mville College was established with Mr Fleet headmaster
1950 School – Mville primary was establishes with Mr Telfer headmaster
1951 RSA – Purchased club rooms in Thames Street
1952 Sep-01 Town & Country Club – Applied for charter and was granted
1954 Oct-01 Hospital Board Waikato – Took possession of Lynton Hospital.
1954 Morrinsville Star – Control passed to East Waikato Publishers
1954 Methodist Church – Opens new church.
1954 School – St Joseph Convent school extension
1954 June Rugby – Opening of new grounds in Campbell Park ,Thames St
1955 Sep-26 Commercial Bank of Australia – temporarily moved
1955 Kindergarten – Tender for the building of a new Kindergarten
1955 November Kindergarten – Building of new kindergarten starts
1955 School – David Street school established and opened
1956 May-21 Commercial Bank of Australia – moved to new building
1956 November New South Wales Bank – Opened in Thames Street
1956 May Kindergarten – Building of new Kindergarten complete
1956 Jul-09 Kindergarten -Open for pupils
1956 Dec-08 Kindergarten -Opened by Dame Hilda Ross
1957 Oct-03 Library – Moved into the War Memorial Complex
1957 Borough Council – Purchased land in Riverview Road for dump
1957 September War Memorial Hall – Building completed
1957 Nov-20 War Memorial Hall – Officially opened by Maj Gen. LM Inglis
1958 Dec-13 Anglican Church – Laying of the foundation Stone
1958 Presbyterian Church – Campbell Hall opened
1958 October Kiwi Fertiliser Works – Officially opened.
1959 Sep-27 Anglican – The first service in new church
1959 Sep-26 Anglican Church – Dedication of the new church
1959 Anglican Church – New church was opened
1959 School – St Joseph Convent school extension
1960 April Waikato Savings Bank opened agency.
1960 September Waikato Savings Bank opened working bank.
1961 January District Nursing Service established
1962 Anglican church – Completion of new vicarage
1962 Oct-12 Post Office – Opening of new Post Office crn Lorne Street
1963 May-16 Senior Citizens Assoc.- Meeting to form was held
1963 November Swimming Pool – Opening of new pool in recreation grounds
1964 Catholic Church – Built a new church
1964 Swimming Pool – Second pool added to the complex.
1965 September New South Wales Bank – Closed its Mville branch
1965 A& P Society – Built new Office building at Recreation Grounds
1965 Oct-27 Arts and Craft Group was formed
1965 May-29 RSA – Opened new Clubrooms in Studholme Street
1966 December Senior Citizens Assoc. – Purchased section in Canada St
1966 Morrinsville Co-op Dairy Co.- First fully –automated butter factory in world opened.
1966 RSA – Purchased land to form bowling greens for the club
1967 July Strand Theatre demolished
1967 May-06 Historical Society – Meeting to form the Society was held
1967 July Strand Theatre was demolished in Studholme Street
1969 Jun-28 Morrin Museum -opened
1969 May Hospitals Geriatric – tenders call for the building.
1969 May Grain drying plant opened by Mr & Mrs Seales
1970 School – Intermediate school established and opened
1971 March Hospitals Geriatric
1971 Swimming Pool – building of club rooms and curators office
1974 November G.G. Burmester Bakery – Destroyed by fire.
1984 March3-4 Railway Station. The demolition of the Canada St station
1995 Nov-20 Countdown Supermarket – Opening for the first day of business.
1997 April New Zealand Post Ltd (formally Post Office) Move to new bulding.
1997 Sep-22 Bannan, Cooper & Ass. First day working in new building
1997 26-Nov Former Globe Auction Mart – Demolition of building
1998 Nov-14 Morrinsville Museum named Morrin Museum.
1999 3-Sep Library – Moved into a remodeled War Memorial Hall.

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