Morrinsville Listings in Wises Directory 1901

Name Occupation Address
Aitken Alex Manager Kereone Station
Aitken Willliam   Kereone Station
Allen John C Station Manager  
Arundel Alfred   Motumaoho Station
Campbell Donald RF Schoolmaster  
Clifford Henry J Storekeeper  
Clifford John C Storekeeper  
Coates Isaac Flax miller  
Cole Frederick Manager Motumaoho Station
Dignan James Farmer  
Eager Thos Inspector permanent  
Fry John Contractor  
Fry Daniel Contractor  
Gilchrist Peter County Clerk  
Headly Wm Blacksmith  
Hickey Daniel Assistant saddler  
Hinton Thomas  Station Manager  
Hogan William Builder  
Holloway GE Baker  
Horrell Ernest Sheep farmer  
Hotson RH Wool scourer  
Jones Edward Saddler  
Kelly Thomas H Contractor  
Larney N.A.   Waitoa Station
Marshall Frank J Butcher  
Orr Alex Farmer  
Parlour SC Flaxmill manager  
Pickett Wn  E Engineer  
Schollum Wenzel Hottingham Castle  
Schofield J W. Station & Postmaster  
Snell Chas Smith’s Assistant  
Trust James  Head Shepherd  
Turnbull John Farmer  
Waddington Edward* Surgeon  
Wilson Arch Smith’s Assistant  

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  1. William Hogan was my great grandfather,do you have any information on him,or a photo thanking you Gael Williams.

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