Morrinsville Country Market Day

5 June 2015

We are open

Canada Street Market days are held on the first Saturday of each month.

We are open every Market Day Morning

Come to the market day and pop in to the Museum and see what we are up to.
Join in the fun.

The film “Green Circle”

9 November 2013

You can view at the Morrin Museum a film made for and shown only at the museum called

The Green Circle

The is a film about the history of dairy farming in the Morrinsville district.
It uses both historical film footage and contemporary footage in High Definition.
It is shown on demand to visitors to the museum so allow and extra 25 minutes to view it.
If you do not have the time come back for another visit to see it, as it is well worth seeing.
We have had favourable feedback and comments about it.

Morrinsville Residents from 1852 to 1912

17 May 2010

To search for name, Click on the letter of the Surname:

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  • These files were started on 30 September 1990 and updated since then as names and references became available. If you have any family members that you wish to add to the list please leave a comment at the bottom of this page or send us a message through our contact form.
  • Names are listed according to the earliest written record or family information obtained. Not all arrival dates are accurate – in one occasion there were 20 years between the first written record and the actual arrival to Morrinsville.
  • Departure date is either the date of death or the date recorded  as leaving the district.
  • Names marked with (*) indicate that the museum holds further information or photographs of this person.

The references used in the list are as follows:

A Electoral Main Roll 1894 M Newspaper   Waikato Times
B Electoral Main Roll 1898 N Newspaper   New Zealand Herald
C Electoral Main Roll 1899 O Morrinsville Town Boards Rate Book, 1911
D Electoral Main Roll 1902 P Cyclopedia of New Zealand Auckland Ed. 1902
E Electoral Main Roll 1908 Q Newspaper    Morrinsville Star
F Electoral Main Roll 1911 R Book    Early Morrinsville by S Allen.
G Electoral Supplementary Roll No1 1907 S Dated photograph held in Museum collection. eg P/095
H Electoral Supplementary Roll No1 1908 T Newspaper   Weekly New
I Electoral Supplementary Roll No2 1909 U Morrinsville School Reunion Booklet
J Book   Diamond Jubilee of the Piako County V Information from a family member
K Book   Land of Three Rivers W Information supplied by a non family member
L Land Title Records  


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